It’s about time you separated yourself from the pack

Our 1:1 Training, Nutrition, and Mentorship Program has been designed to help you unlock your ice hockey potential and skyrocket your results, taking you to levels you’ve not yet reached.


Ultimate Off-Ice Training Program 

Customized to you and your exact needs.

  • Designed specifically for your available time and equipment
  • Long term strategy for maximum progress
  • Reverse engineered to reach your goal
  • Heart rate activity data tracking and monitoring for optimized recovery and performance


Individual Fueling Plan

Optimized performance through nutrition.

  • Data driven calculations to establish individual baseline
  • Fueling plan with a purpose
  • Healthy habit creation
  • Pre-, Intra-, Post- Training Fueling
  • Optimized recovery

Your Personal Sidekick

Coach Hayley is focused specifically on getting you from where you are now to where you want to be.

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching and mentoring calls on Zoom
  • Daily/Weekly Training, Recovery, and Nutrition program tracking
  • Mental Toughness Toolkit
  • Advisory and pathways to reach the next level (University/Pro)
  • 24/7 messaging support using Voxer

Highlights of the

1:1 Training, Nutrition, and Mentorshop Program...

Data Backed and Tracked Elite Strength & Conditioning Program

Your body will give us the feedback we need.

Using Morpheus to track recovery, and logging each day’s training session, we will be able to track and analyze your progress for continued improvement

Optimum Recovery for a Fully Charged Machine

We’ll crunch the numbers and help you create your plan.

You’ll know how to fuel yourself and recover properly and consistently, creating healthy habits for optimized performance. 

Build Unparalleled Confidence for Limitless Success

No more fear of failure.

With the mental toughness toolkit, your mental game will become unbreakable, taking on any challenge with ease and excitement.

It’s your time to shine…

  • 1:1 Training, Nutrition, and Mentorship Program
  • 16-Weeks, Off-Season
  • Exclusive for Elite Level Players (Pro, University, AAA U19)
  • Must be 100% Committed
  • Acceptance by Application Only
  • Only 5 Players Total Accepted into Program Per Year
  • $3,000 USD

🏒 Bonus Gift - Full Access to Hockey Worldwide’s Online Strength and Skills Group Training Program ($276 Value)


Let’s see if we’re a good fit... 


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