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What is Central Glory? 

Central Glory  is an off-season development team, led by a group of coaches committed to training the complete athlete and empowering each player to be the best they want to be in all aspects of life. 

We believe every moment is a chance at glory and our athletes deserve every opportunity to pursue their dream team.


What to expect from our program? 

Central Glory is NOT just another ‚Äútournament team‚ÄĚ...

Central Glory will include a full slate of athletic and personal development. Throughout our 12-week off-season program we will teach our players about nutrition, mental preparation, strength & conditioning, and college guidance, in addition to on-ice camps and tournament play.


What is the Team Series? 

The Team Series is a new branch of Hockey Worldwide where we bring together athletic development and game play in the off-season to maximize growth and help our athletes continue to love the game. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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