May 27th - August 16th


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Going into our fifth off-season, what started as a solution to a worldwide pandemic, has turned into a comprehensive off-ice hockey performance program and perfect solution for players looking for elite hockey training at home (or anywhere).

This multifaceted player development program is helping girls of all ages and levels on their journey to making their dream team by teaching, training, and inspiring them to become strong, skilled, and confident, both on and off the ice.



Hockey Worldwide’s Online Strength & Skills Training Program is not just a video course you sign up for and forget about the next day.

It’s a complete off-ice coaching program, focusing on these 3 major development components:

  • fitness training for hockey performance
  • stickhandling skills
  • mental performance training

This program was designed so you can do it from anywhere, with very minimal equipment!



  • When? May 27th - August 16th, 2024
    • 12 Weeks
    • Daily Sessions, Monday through Friday 
    • Training Recorded and Posted Daily

**No live time works for you? You can still access every single day’s training at anytime with full access to The Training Center.**

**The Training Center will become immediately and fully accessible on the first day of the program, May 27th. At this time, you will be able to instantly follow along with over two year’s worth of training sessions, as well as follow a link to our training calendar, where you will be able to view and sign up for future live Zoom training sessions.


  • Where?
    • At-Home/Anywhere


  • What’s Needed?
    • Device with Internet connection + Zoom software
    • Hockey Stick and Off-Ice Puck or Ball
    • Optional: Dumbbells/At-Home Gym Equipment


  • Who?
    • All levels, anywhere in the world


  • How much?
    • Only $7 a session! 

LIVE ON ZOOM, Monday through Friday, for 12 weeks!


Yes, that’s right - the Worldwide Online Strength & Skills Training Program is not your typical online membership where you sign up and are immediately sent your own way with no support or accountability.


This program is a live, online group training program that allows players to learn from Hockey Worldwide’s Hockey Training Specialists, 5x per week, live on Zoom.


Our program fits with any busy schedule. By providing live Zoom sessions every weekday, as well as posting each session recording inside The Training Center member’s area, we are providing the tools to help players stay consistent.


The key is that YOU stay consistent for the entire 12 weeks of the program. 


The sessions last between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes per day. 


Can you do it?


By staying consistent and focused for 12 weeks, you will see improvements in your strength, speed, stickhandling skills, and overall confidence, giving you a huge advantage going into the 24/25 competition season. 


The best predictor of success is seeing how long someone can stay consistent and focus on daily tasks in order to create habits to become successful. 


Consistency comes before success. There's no better time than now.


**Members of our Central Glory program do not need to sign up for the Off-Season Transformation Program, as this program is also included in Central Glory**